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Marine Products
Sanitation Systems

sanitation devices
Microphor® Marine Sanitation Devices and Sump Tanks
USCG approved. No moving parts--solid organic waste is converted to liquid and primarily carbon dioxide gas by bacteria already present in the waste. No power required--gravity flow system. No maintenance--periodically add chlorine slugs to treat liquid waste for discharge overboard. Operates with fresh or salt water, standard toilets or Microflush marine heads. Systems available to handle 1-100 people, 24 hours a day.

Marine Sanitation Devices Downloads (Adobe Acrobat PDF):

MSD Selection Table (20K)
"How the System Works" (48K)
Spec Sheet (M-50 MSD) (44K)
Marine Sanitation Device Manual (108K)
U.S. Coast Guard Certification Letter (72K)
Sump Pump
Microphor® Sump-Pumps and IMO Third Stage Modules
For use with Microphor Marine Sanitation Devices installed below the water line. Microphor MSDs meet IMO standards for overboard discharge when used with our Third Stage Modules. Tanks available in plastic or mild steel.

Sump Pumps and Third Stage Modules Downloads (Adobe Acrobat PDF):

Sump Pump Spec Sheet (84K)
Mini Sump Pump Spec Sheet (24K)
IMO Third Stage Module Features (52K)
IMO Third Stage Module Spec Sheet (48K)
Temporary Waste Retention System

The Temporary Waste Effluent Retention System allows for temporary full retention of liquids, up to 3 days, entering a sump to be discharged overboard when the vessel has left a "No Discharge Zone." The system can be installed on vessels equipped with a Microphor MSD and Sump as well as other waste handling systems that utilize a sump to discharge liquid effluent. This system is designed for 120 volt AC voltage only.

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